This is an opportunity for anyone without coding knowledge to join our reseller program and start their own Mobile App Development business with one of our affordable Subscription Plans. Mobile Applications for businesses are in demand, so we have provided a simple drag and drop app builder platform to make creating a mobile app very easy.

Myapptitecture mobile app builder white label
Your Own White Label App Builder Platform

Our White label Reseller Program

To join the Mobile App Reseller Program you will need to subscribe to one of our subscription plans to start your Mobile App business. You will have access to your own White Label App Builder Platform where you can build and manage your apps for your clients. You will also be able to publish all your Apps on the Google and Apple Stores.

14 Days Free Trial Period

You can try the My Apptitecture Mobile App Builder Platform free for 14 days. After this trial period, you will have to subscribe to one of the monthly plans if you want to build and publish commercial Apps for your potential clients. The good news is, the setup fee, is quite affordable.

Mobile app development

Our App Builder incorporates Graphical Analytics and Demographics to give you a visual display of how your App business is progressing. We have Pre-made App Templates for various kinds of businesses. App Templates for University, Clubs, Restaurants, Real Estates, Fitness Clubs, Beauty Salons, Grand Hotels, Cafes, and many more.

One of the advantages of building mobile apps with a no-coding approach is that you can build a number of apps in little time compared to writing programming codes for all these apps. You are also able to see your Apps as you build them with our amazing emulator. Mobile app building has never been easier. Join us and build your Apps today.

Get Your Own White Label Easy App Maker

When you join us as a reseller, you will have access to your own White Label Editor. This allows you to build commercial-ready apps for your own clients. You are able to set your own prices, develop your own website to promote your business, and best of all, your clients can have total access to their apps. You are in total control of your business.

What You Need To Start

  • A Smartphone
  • A good laptop or desktop computer
  • A business website to promote your Apps
  • Good internet connection
  • Webhosting for your White Label App Builder and website

Subscribe to one of our monthly plans and start your App business.

Setting Up Your White Label Editor

We help our Resellers to set up their own App builder Platform to start taking on clients. Once you subscribe and get your own Domain name, we step in and take you through the necessary steps to connect your Domain to your own App builder. After setup, you have complete access to your own White Label App Builder Platform where you can customize it to fit your own brand. You will also be able to give your Clients access to their Apps. They will not even know you are using our Java Code App Builder Platform.

Mobile App Development Process

Things You For Complete Setup

You will need your Domain name to connect your Platform.
CNAME and DNS records needed but don’t worry, we help you with those.
You need a dedicated business website for your Mobile App Business, which we will provide. You can also customize your Platform after setup. Don’t worry, it’s easy.

Marketing Tools

With any business especially an online business, you will need to do intense promotion for customers and potential customers to know about your products and services. You will have to implement your own marketing strategies for your brand. However, we have a few ideas to get you started with your App Business promotions

Some Marketing Tips

Design the old fashion Business Cards for your brand.
Build your email list and use it as a marketing strategy to get customers
Sign up to Social Media Platforms and promote your brand there.
Tell your friends and families about your business and encourage them to tell others.
Make YouTube videos and promote your brand in these videos.
Recruit Affiliates from sites like Jvzoo and Clickbank to promote your brand.