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14, Nov 2020
Mobile Marketing Techniques That Are A Lot Of Fun

Do you have the impression that your clients are uninterested in your mobile marketing campaign? Using these suggestions, you can try to make your campaign more special. Instead of sending a connection or a coupon code to your customers via text message, you can send a text warning that allows them to communicate with you. You have a variety of choices to choose from. You should not be afraid to try something different to see how your customers respond.

Ask Trivia Questions

You could text a trivia question to your customers and ask them to respond with the correct answer for a chance to win a free product. If you want to share a coupon code, give hints to your customers to help them guess the word they need to use when buying a product to get a discount.

Create Exclusive And Exciting Games

If your customers have iPhones or Android phones, you can create exclusive and exciting games. If you can afford to employ a specialist or have some experience with App development, designing a fun game should not be too difficult. You may build a game based on your goods or a character to serve as a mascot for your business. If at all necessary, include your items in your game and conceal coupon codes. You may, for example, make it a requirement for players to complete achievements in order to receive coupon codes.

Link Customer To Your Mobile Marketing Games

If you have a shop, you could have customers link to your mobile marketing campaign and play different games while they are there. You might hide prizes in your store and give customers instructions on how to locate them by texting a code to a specific number. You can also share some hints on your mobile website, or highlight a new product on this platform every day and give a discount or a gift card to every customer who purchases it. If you don’t have a physical location, adapt any of these games so that consumers can email you or visit your mobile website for coupon codes when buying a product from your main website.

Get Consumers To Build And Share Their Own Content

Getting consumers to build and share their own content is a perfect way to connect with them. Most smartphones can take photos, videos, and audio recordings, and some apps also let users draw or customize items. Customers may be asked to take photos of themselves having fun in your shop. How about them posing in front of your billboards and posting them on social media in exchange for a discount or a chance to win a free product? Create new competitions on a regular basis, and show your appreciation for your customers by sharing the best entries with the rest of your audience.

Mobile Marketing Techniques That Are A Lot Of Fun

If you’re having trouble getting people to join these competitions, consider increasing the value of the prizes. Keep in mind that not all consumers would be interested in participating in these innovative mobile marketing campaigns. Try out a few of these mobile marketing techniques that are a lot of fun for your customers.