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Who we are

Hello, my name is Leonard and I am the C.E.O of Apptitecture Mobile App Design Solutions. The idea to start a work from home mobile app business came about after doing some research into the industry, and found that there was an opportunity to tap into a booming mobile phone market which I believe is here to stay. Smartphones and tablets are rapidly becoming the primary method of interaction for consumers and businesses worldwide. Smartphone penetration in the US reached 75% in 2015, with global penetration hitting 60%, and obviously, this statistics was just 2015. Mobile goes beyond smartphones and tablets.

Apps are now being incorporated into cars, wearable technology and home appliances (which are considerably less mobile but still important in terms of applications). As mobile adoption increases, apps will become even more crucial to the success of businesses. Mobile app developers have recognized that creating apps for demanding businesses can be a challenge as they are expected to design and build these apps in little time. Using programming languages to build apps are for the pros. If you have no programming skills then it would be a no no for you to even attempt to build an app for your business.

Something happened and someone came up with the brilliant idea of designing and building a platform which could be used for easy App creation, with not even a single line of code. All you have to do is to drag and drop features and modules in place to create an app in less than an hour. That is quite clever. This platform has open up the doors for entrepreneurs who have no coding experience, to tap into this work from home business and start building apps, and that's exactly the opportunity we have created for you at Apptitecture's Mobile App Design.

Our Vision

Offering Work From Home Business Opportunity
Build a Multi-million dollar Business
Increase profits for businesses globally
Endeavour to stay in line with new and advanced technologies

Meet the Team

C.E.O. and founder of Apptitecture

Leonard Henry

The Founder and C.E.O. of Apptitecture Mobile App Design Solutions.

Using Mobile Apps as a Powerful Marketing tool for businesses

Pritania Davis

The Marketing Manager of Apptitecture Mobile App Design and Development

Providing full support with downtime issues on our app builder

Jahmil Henry

Our Technical Consultant as it relates to technical issues for all subscribers globally.

Promoting our easy app builder platform on a global scale

Errol Nelson

Our Assistant Promotional Manager for all potential subscribers both local and global


Why Choose Our Work From Home Business?

Our mobile App Building Platform is quite easy to use, no coding experience necessary for you to start building apps for your clients. There is no software to download as you will be signing in to your own platform in the cloud with your own control panel, building apps for your clients. We have no setup fee, so all you are charged, is your monthly subscription. Other additional costs would be when you are ready to publish your finished apps and you have to sign up for a Google Developers account which at the moment cost $25 one off payment. This money is paid by you to Google. In terms of publishing to the Apple Store, you also need an Apple Developers Account, their yearly fee is US $99/yr.

We encourage all subscribers to get their own Apple and Google developer accounts for the simple reason, if you use our developer accounts, we will be the one to get the credit for your Apps, which certainly you would not be pleased with. We offer all of 30 days trial to all users at the time of registration, to test our platform before any commitment to subscribe. So as you can see, we try to make starting your App business with us, as easy as abc.

Our Services

Apptitecture is a mobile app development business and we design and build mobile apps for a number of different businesses on a global scale. We have seen the need to give Innovative Entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to start an app business, the opportunity to join us via our monthly subscription program. We utilize an easy app builder platform to design and build our Apps. Our platform is very interactive and most of all responsive. No coding experience is required to use our platform and build your apps. Using a no coding app maker to build your apps could not have been easier. If you think this opportunity is for you then get in touch with us and we will be happy to get you started.
We introduced our subscribers to powerful marketing systems to drive quality traffic to their mobile App business or any other business they might be trying to promote.
We ensure that all Subscribers get full access to our regular support. We have set up our helpdesk which provides knowledge base questions and answers for you to dive into. We also have our ticketing system for you to send your support tickets. Our dedicated team is ready to provide you will solutions to your questions or concerns.

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